updated November 7, 2000

(Left) Lola, contemplative; below, Lola after stealing a softball (photo by Josh Grayson)

Lola T. Dog: July 26 (?), 1991 - August 1, 2000

Lola was put to sleep on August 1, 2000, after a stroke the night before left her immobile but pain-free. She was held and petted by her grief-stricken owner to the very end. Her last act was wagging her tail after wolfing down tortillas.

Now that Lola's Lab spirit is free from her chocolate body, she is finally free to follow the kids into Waters School -- her dream achieved at last.

Anyone who has faced the death of a pet may find helpful links at the Senior Dog Project site. The site includes the Rainbow Bridge poem and others.

This page will remain as a memorial to the best dog in the universe. Click here for photos of Lola in the garden and Lola at play.

Vital stats: Chocolate Labrador retriever
Age: nine
Weight: 82 lbs.
Home town: Unknown; could be somewhere near Barrington, Illinois.

Personal history: Since Lola was discovered at Orphans of the Storm animal shelter in July 1994, she has offered a few clues to her mysterious past: she is highly excited by anything that sounds like gunfire (including fireworks) and wants to run toward the noise; she fetches anything; she loves Jeeps, trucks, beer, cigarettes, and big guys with beards; she has had a litter of puppies, although those days are now behind her.

Nicknames: Lolita, Lolacita, Miss Lola, Lola T. Dog, Lola Canola, Swamp Thang
Vehicle: Favorite is Dean Slaton's yellow pickup.
Currently working on: Napping.
Favorite pig-out foods: lasagna, loaves of French bread (unsliced, please), Dunkin Donuts, pineapple cake, flour tortillas, chicharrones, Cheetos, strawberries, pizza, water chestnuts, enchiladas suizas, pickles, popsicles, bagels.
Favorite activity: Retrieving dead fish from Lake Michigan.
Most embarrassing experience: Getting turned down by Otto, neighborhood Chihuahua, when in heat.
Worst advice my mother gave me: "Stay off the furniture!"
Three words that best describe me: Extroverted, playful, omnivorous.

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ILLNESSES Lola unfortunately knew about:

LYMPHOSARCOMA: Lola was diagnosed with this common form of cancer in October 1999. She was on chemotherapy and remained in remission, thanks to compassionate care from Dr. Robert Castillo and the staff at North Center Animal Hospital.

If your dog is diagnosed with cancer, do not confuse human therapies with their canine counterparts. As Dr. C said, "No one would tolerate putting their dog through that!" Get a diagnosis -- and a frank prognosis -- from a vet you trust, and try to inform yourself so you can act in your dog's best interest. Here are some useful web sites:

BLOAT: If your dog's stomach starts to swell, and he/she is heaving, call a vet right away!



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