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The author's book is finished!


  • I am ready to take over the publishing world and to be a best selling author!

The author realizes that there are some big problems to overcome.

  • How can I earn money from my books?
  • How do I get discovered?
  • Will I need to spend a ton of money on marketing?
  • Where do I find my readers?
  • Do I self publish or try to get a publishing deal?

The author then comes to realization that there are even more obstacles to overcome.

  • I will have to set up a web page for discovery and reader sourcing!
  • I will have no help in marketing. Now I have to take long and expensive courses on it, stealing away precious time from just working on my next idea!
  • I have no control over my cashflow. Third parties hold my money for months before I can receive it!
  • If I want to go the traditional publisher route, they will take 90% from my profits! Even further, they will strip away most of my rights for the book that I wrote.

The author figures that there might be a solution and decides to try out Publica.

  • I will use Publica to help readers discover my book, manage my money and rights!

The author is stoked that Publica has changed his life.

  • Now I can decide how many books to sell, at whatever price I want to and the money always goes to me instantly!
  • I can keep all my rights, nobody is controlling me or my distribution!
  • Thanks to Publica's author-centric business model I am an empowered author-entrepreneur.

Publica is the beating heart of self publishing — always focused on today’s needs with tomorrow in mind.

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Get discovered!

Set up your personal authors page to attract readers and fans. We provide the tools, you have the creative freedom.

Create your book promotional page and gather the audience for an upcoming or an ongoing book sale.

Find new readers!

Let users sign up to your personal newsletter. We offer you to use your own email gathering service or use our built-in one!

And the best thing about it? You own all the emails.

Marketing made easy!

We will help you set up your book promotional page and provide all the necessary tools for social sharing. Want to share it to Facebook, tweet it out to your followers or add it to your Pinterest board? We've got you covered.

Other tools provided by Publica include:

  • A community of Publicans, who are ready to support new authors and promote their books.
  • Features in Publica mass newsletters and blog-posts.
  • Discovery support in search engines and site-wide searching.

Full independence!

Irrevocable ownership. Your ownership of book licences linking you to decentralised storage is immutable.

Nobody can tell you how and where to sell your books. Freedom to market, publicize, and sell to the whole world, without fear of charge-backs, errors, or cheating. Sell on proprietary online storefronts too.

About Publica

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Publica is an evolutionary publishing platform using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to innovate in how books are funded, distributed, bought, and read.

As an author and entrepreneur, I am always looking for new ways to reach my readers. The blockchain allows authors an unprecedented and original way to crowdfund and distribute their books. I'm looking forward to embracing blockchain for books and Publica is the leading platform to do this with.

Sukhi Jutla

Author | Entrepreneur | Speaker

Publica —
A Renaissance in Publishing

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