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Introducing crypto collectibles

Turn your content into unique, rare collectible items

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What are Book Tokens?

With collectible book tokens, Publica is taking the concept of content ownership to a whole new level

With Publica, buyers can not only purchase a token as such, users can also instantly access the content of the corresponding collectible item with the e-reader app. Literally, open a one-of-a-kind piece of content on their device any time they want!

By doing so, authors are able to activate and reward their early supporters, receive the funds needed to finish their works, and tap into the power of the blockchain.

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How does it work?

Content creators upload a book (or any other literary content), converting it to a rare, unique token
Buyers purchase collectible items from Publica's catalog, accessing the content with Publica's e-reader app any time they want.
Owners can re-sell a collectible item using Publica's proprietary secondary market, or transfer ownership rights by simply sending the token to another person.

Benefits for creators and buyers

Digital distribution

Automated distribution of ebooks to Publica e-reader wallets.

Tradability of your book

Your book now is a token that governs access to it. Millions of people trade tokens, gifts or transfer them to friends or needing libraries.


Clear record of financial interest, sales, author and third party interest.


Tokenisation of the book creates vested interest among your readers, who are holders of a tradable token now.


Blockchains do not have geofencing. Publica is available worldwide without limits.

Ease of ownership transfer

To lend or gift a book to a friend you simply transfer the token of the book from one wallet to another.


Author-centric peer-to-peer financial relations between authors and your supporters.

Secondary market

Token exchanges will use smart contacts to apportion part of the resale price of the book to an author.


Smart contract that sells your books is written in an immutable, decentralised blockchain, nobody can shut it down.

New markets

Exposure to rapidly growing cryptocurrency markets. Book tokens are sold for platform money-exchangeable cryptocurrency.

Auditless revenue distribution

Integrate your publishing team in the smart contrast that will automate the payout.

End-to-end ecosystem

Publica provides both a platform to fund your project, and distributes your book to your community in a Publica e-reader wallet.

Be among the first to tokenize your literary content

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Authors about Publica

As an author and entrepreneur, I am always looking for new ways to reach my readers. The blockchain allows authors an unprecedented and original way to crowdfund and distribute their books.

I'm looking forward to embracing blockchain for books and Publica is the leading platform to do this with.

Sukhi Jutla

Author, marketer and speaker


Publica Team

We started the Publica platform to help authors tap potential of the blockchain. Publica Team

Yuri Pimenov

CTO and co-founder


A pioneer in Bitcoin trading technology and systems, Yuri Pimenov knows the blockchain revolution extremely well. His experience as the head of research & development for Latvia’s top brand and most popular website besides Google led him through the technical challenges in machine learning, robotics, and high-load Internet technologies. Yuri is one of the few industry professionals who can be counted on to connect a grand vision with a real-life technical solution.

Yuri is a longtime contributor to the blockchain community with his blog and his Russian translation of the seminal book "Mastering Blockchain" by Andreas Antonopoulos. Before Publica, he was the CTO of a leading Bitcoin exchange. Other work experience includes peer-to-peer lending platform development, a national email server, automated magazine publishing, and Internet radio.

Antons Sapriko

CEO and co-founder


Antons comes from a technology background. His father made the first-ever dial-up connection in his country in 1986. Antons learned to code at 14 and won top places in Math Olympiads on the national level. He earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, a top-20 business school and started Master of Science at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Antons grew a company of two people to a hundred times that size and an industry leader serving the very top retail companies. Publica benefits from Antons’ experience in setting up workflows for enterprise-grade delivery to Walmart, Jaguar, Land Rover, The New York Times, Peugeot and many other brands and startups since 2003.

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Introducing book collectibles

Publica is excited to introduce book collectibles— a new application of blockchain technology on the platform!

Publica wins the "Best Use of Blockchain in Publishing" award

We are excited to announce that Publica won the Digital Book World 2018 award for "Best Use of Blockchain in Publishing Technology".

Publica's Book ICO platform is LIVE

Exciting news for all the authors that have been eagerly waiting to do their own Book ICO's — you can now start your journey.

The World’s first Book ICO is launched on Publica

The First BOOK ICO in history ran by Matthew “Nomadic Matt” Kepnes is now launched on Publica platform. Take part and find out more here.

Publica released its iOS e-reader app

Publica's e-reader app for iOS devices is released and is available to everyone on App Store

Publica's CEO reporting from IPBA Publishing University

Taking a look back at IBPA Publishing University conference in Austin, Texas. Watch our CEO's reaction here

Publica released a video about the project's founders

In the first video of the series Publica founders Antons Sapriko and Yuri Pimenov will share their story and reveal how the idea of Publica was conceived.

Publica's CEO participated in a panel discussion on "Blockchain for Books"

Watch a recording of the panel discussion about "Blockchain for Books" at the London Book Fair. Watch here

Publica was featured in prestigious Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly featured Publica in their article about blockchain for the publishing industry. Read the article here

Reader AMA

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The first digital collectible drop

Publica announces the drop of the first collectible item from the series. Available on April 30!

Publica's Book ICO platform is reviewed by Blockonomi

Blockonomi covered Publica's Book ICO platform, its possibilities and impact on the industry in their article on blockchain companies disrupting the publishing industry.

New partnership with Morgan James Publishing

Publica announced a major new partnership with Morgan James Publishing, an American independent book publisher and distributor.

Publica's Web Store is announced, works in tandem with iOS and Android apps

Publica released the web store, it is now possible to buy a book using the web interface.

Michael Covel interview with Publica's CEO

A bestselling author, entrepreneur, and film director Michael Covel hosted Josef Marc on Trend Following Radio.

What blockchain means to authors and book publishing?

Kristin Over-Rein from BoldBooks explains in her article how Publica can add value to the book publishing process, and contribute to new business models for independent authors.

Ask-Me-Anything session with readers

Publica's CEO and community managers will answer readers' questions in an Ask-me-Anything session. Got questions? Feel free to ask here.

Publica is nominated for Quantum Innovation Award is nominated for the Quantum Innovation Award! Come and support Publica team at the London Book Fair on April 10, 10:00-11:00 AM in the Olympia Room, Grand Hall.

Publica is going to IBPA Publishing University 2018

Publica is going to participate at the IBPA Publishing University in Austin, Texas on April 6-7. Meet Publica's CEO Josef Marc at "Get to Know Your Publishing University Sponsors" session.

Publica at Token2049 conference

Publica's team members visited Hong Kong to attend a major blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in Asia — Token2049! Read more about this event in our weekly report.

Publica will participate in Chainges conference in Amsterdam

Antons Sapriko, the COO of Publica, will speak about the First Blockchain for Publishing at Chainges conference in Amsterdam on May 4-5. Come to watch!

Publica announces the FIAT layer release

We are proud to announce that we are now supporting the purchase of books on the platform with credit/debit cards on our Android version of the eReader app. 

Publica is nominated for the BookTech Startup award

Publica was shortlisted for the FutureBook18 BookTech Startup award!

Publica App Tour

Publica presented its e-reader app and showcasing Blockchain's best features in the video produced by Cryptonauts channel.

Publica announces the first book ICO

The American bestselling author Matthew “Nomadic Matt” Kepnes will be running the first book ICO in history for his upcoming book “Backpacker’s Guide to Europe.” starting 6th of May. Open the Book ICO page

Publica released its e-reader app for Android

Publica's e-reader app for Android is released and is available to everyone on Play Store

Chainges conference giveaway

Participate in our giveaway campaign to win free tickets to Chainges Blockchain conference in Amsterdam.

Ask-Me-Anything with Publica's CEO and Sukhi Jutla

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A Better Bookstore, Part 2

Publica's CEO posted a second part of "A Better Bookstore" on our blog. Read the post here.

Publica is going to participate in the London Book Fair 2018

Meet Publica in London at the London Book Fair 2018 on April 10-12. See a full list of events Publica is participating in at the London Book Fair here.

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